Actos dosage

One of the common diseases in the globe is diabetes. The cause of this serious disease can come from hereditary to lifestyle consequences.

Diabetes can be considered as one of the most dangerous diseases due to its great risk of other health complications.

Before treating diabetes, it is necessary to determine its type, other occurring or resulting from it health diseases. When a patient is diagnosed with diabetes type 2, a doctor usually can prescribe several medicines for general health support, sugar level control and management of other body systems.

Apart from treatment of diabetes, personal health attention program is a significant part of a life of such person. Patients with diabetes should strictly adhere to all recommendations of their doctor.

One of the most important things to think over for the treatment of diabetes is to preserve a healthy blood sugar level in a diabetic patient. The changes of the blood sugar level, especially sharp and sudden, can decrease immunity system and in some severe cases can be very risky and even fatal.

Individual and specific diet program is also very essential. Still, the care program by itself can be not enough for keeping the level of sugar in blood in the same position and doctors adjust medical treatment. One of the medicines commonly prescribed is Actos.

The dose of Actos depends on the several factors including the presence of other health conditions. The dosage for patients with diabetes type 2 who do not have congestive heart failure is 15 or 30 mg per day. The dosage for diabetics who have congestive heart failure is 15 mg per day.

The dose is prescribed by an endocrinologist who generally gives advice on how to use the medicine. For most patients the dose increase is possible gradually – starting with the lowest effective dose 15 mg up to 45 mg once a day. The dose depends also on the glycemic response which is determined by HbA1c.The max daily dose is 45 mg.

A patient should carefully follow the doctor’s recommendations on dose, number of doses per day, the time between doses and the period of time for which the medicine is prescribed.

As the medicine may imply the development of symptomatic congestive heart failure including edema, swelling other symptoms of fluid retention, patients should watch for any of these side effects and stop using the drug immediately in case they appear.

General recommendation: Actos should be taken once daily and can be taken without regard to meals.

Proper Use of Actos

proper useActos is a prescription medicine used in patients with high blood sugar level (diabetes 2 type). To control the sugar in the blood and decrease its level a patient has to take certain measures including proper taking of the medicine prescribed, keeping to diet, having regular physical activities. Actos helps to control the blood sugar level if used properly. The tablets can be used with or without food. Usually the medicine is used each day of the treatment. The medicine should be used in the dose prescribed. Higher doses of the medicine may be dangerous for health. While taking this medicine a patient has to check the blood sugar level regularly. It may happen that the blood sugar level can decrease significantly. This state is known as hypoglycemia. The symptoms of hypoglycemia include headache, sweating, pale skin, irritability, dizziness, hunger. If any of the symptoms occurs, a patient should eat or drink a product containing sugar. In severe cases of hypoglycemia a patient may need a glucagon injection. While managing blood sugar it is important to check its level regularly. A patient can do it at home or at a doctor’s office. If you intend to use other medicine with Actos, be sure to inform your doctor about them. Actos may have interactions with other drugs.

Actos indications and use limitations and contraindications

Actos is indicated for patients with type 2 diabetes. The medicine improves glycemic control in adult patients in combination with diet and regular The antihyperglycemic effect of the medicine is shown only with presence of endogenous insulin (patients with diabetes 2 type). Thus it should not be used in patients who need to inject insulin, in patient with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. The use of Actos in patients with hepatic impairment should be carefully considered. The use of Actos in patients with severe or uncontrolled heart failure, or in patients with bladder cancer is contraindicated. Patients who have previously experienced allergic reactions or hypersensitive reactions to any component in the medicine should not use it.

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