Blood sugar regulator Actos

General practitioners and endocrinologists often prescribe Actos to regulate blood sugar levels as an effective therapy for Type 2 diabetes. The drug has a huge popularity for its effectiveness and good treatment results in most of patients. Still, prolonged Actos use can be associated with some serious side effects including increased risk of cancer.

Actually Actos is an oral medicine for the treatment of diabetes type 2. It is available in the form of tablets in the doses of 15, 30, 45 mg of the main component.

People with diabetes type 1 should not use this medicine. The same refers to the patients with diabetic ketoacidosis.

Classic scheme of treatment with Actos is using one 15 or 30 mg tablet once a day. Usually these doses are enough for regulation of blood sugar level. For some people, however, the higher dose of this medicine may be recommended. A stronger dose should be adjusted in increments up to the 45 mg per day. The dose of 45 mg is the max daily dose.

Uses and approval

Actos is an approved drug by the U.S FDA for the treatment of diabetes type 2 patients.

The main component in the medicine is called pioglitazone created to control blood sugar with proper diet, physical activity and other health activities.

Actos is one of the most successful medicines, which helps millions of people around the world. Proper use of this medicine is a must-follow thing to achieve the best treatment results and avoid side effects.

To low the risk of serious side effects associated with Actos, diabetic patients should have regular visits to their endocrinologists or GPs. It is necessary to check the sugar in blood as often as your doctor recommends you.

Before application of this medicine, it is essential to investigate everything concerning the use, effects, side effects, interactions with drugs and other important things related to the treatment with Actos.

Actos has a special warning label with the information about possible risks of bladder cancer development in cases of prolonged and improper use. The manufacturer suggests having systematic exams at doctor’s, testing the blood and making other precautionary things to prevent the development of any serious side effects.

Actos is known for its prominent abilities to decrease insulin resistance, decrease glucose. The medicine is proven to enhance the general health by allowing the body to get rid of the excess blood sugar more easily.

Actos can be used as a single therapy or in combination with other medicines for the treatment of diabetes type 2.

Blood sugar regulator Actos

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